Ecover Spülmaschinen-Tabs XL Pack (1 x 70 Tabs)

Without water there would be no life on our planet. Us humans, animals and nature, we all depend on water and even more importantly, our health depends on it. Clean water is vital to our whole eco-system.

Ecover makes products that rely on water in order for them to do their job, so naturally they care about protecting this precious source in every way.

Since they began over 30 years ago preserving water has been at the heart of their sustainabilty ethos.

Get sparkling results on all your cutlery and crockery. Ecover Dishtabs’ powerful degreasing properties give smear free results every time, what’s more they do it without those unnecessary chemicals. The subtle perfume will also give your dishwasher a hygienic rinse.

Reinigen und entfetten wirksam
mit der Kraft von Zellstoff- Tenside
Hinterlassen keine bedenklichen Rückstände auf Ihrem Geschirr
Mit Duftstoffen auf pflanzlicher Basis
Vegan, da pflanzenbasiert
Ohne Phosphate, ohne Phosphonate

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